Get Teamwork Flowing

Give everyone a clear visual overview of what's going on, and what needs doing. From to-do to done, simple tasks in a list in a shared space.

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Task management is simple with Kando

Kando’s visual task tracking allows everyone to see what’s going on at a glance, freeing team members from endless status emails and meetings, and allowing them to focus on business needs.

Complete simple one off to-dos then move to shared task lists across your team. When you’re ready, build workflows to organise complex projects or collaborate on work between locations.

Ideas into actions

Create cards for ideas, to-dos, projects, or the next quarter. Everything is in one place so nothing gets missed.

  • Start simple with checklists and expand as required.
  • Sort tasks automatically with dynamic lists.
  • Create workflows to ensure everything gets done.

Work together

Share data between teams so everyone knows what is going on and what to do next.

  • Quickly add relevant detail or discuss complex tasks.
  • Add context by tagging tasks with labels, related cards, or assign to team members.
  • Real-time sync means everyone is always up to date.

Features your team needs to be productive

Kando provides a collaborative space to work together, and we've got all the basics covered so your team can concentrate on achieving their goals.


Cards track to-dos, projects, clients, or anything! Create as many types or variations as you like.


Add tags to track status, an important milestone or just because you like the colour!


Flexible lists automatically sort cards by tagged labels, members, or even cards. It's the magic of Kando.


Track your cards visually across lists. Define fixed workflows for consistency or simply edit per view.


Manage your workload by assigning tasks to the team. Members can even build their own unique work flows.


Drill down to see exactly what is needed with filters that clear away the clutter.


Real-time sync means that all users see the same data, so everyone is on the same page.


Integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox mean you can attach your files to cards and track them too.


Stored in the cloud, your data is backed up and always available.


Keep your team communicating with comments and feedback on individual cards.


Kanban or something else? Build your own flexible workflow or task structure, refined to suit your business.


Got a question? Our team is always happy to help!